Entering sequence queries

Query format

The interface implements a simple query language emulation that understands AND, OR, and parenthetical nesting. The basic query unit is
(match1 match2 ...)[fieldname]
Sequences are returned for which fieldname equals match1 OR match2 OR ....

These units can be combined with AND, OR and parentheses. For example:
(B, C)[subtype] AND (2000, 2001, 2002, 2003)[year] AND 
 ((CN)[country] OR (ZA)[country])
which can be shortened to
(B C)[subtype] (2000 2001 2002 2003)[year] 
 (CN ZA)[country]
The user can specify annotation fields, that do not restrict the query, but arrange for the return of the associated field data for each sequence returned. Specify annotation fields between curly braces, as in:
(B C)[subtype] 2000[year] 
 {country cd4_count cd8_count}
To extract annotations from the returned file, see the PERL code here.

Click here for a table of valid query fields.
FR icon 27 Dec 2008