This URL serves as the namespace designator for a series of linked XML Schemas, designed by Fortinbras Research, that represent the Los Alamos National Laboratories' HIV Sequence Database.

The schemas describe the XML message to be returned by a planned web service interface to the LANL HIV DB, hivqs. We hope to roll out an experimental version in the next few weeks; stay tuned to the update blog for the latest developments.

The Fortinbras query interface to the HIV DB provides an option for downloading annotations in XML valid against HIVDBSchema/1.0.

XSD fileSubversion revisionmd5 checksums
hivqSchema.xsd 15618 hivqSchema.md5
hivqAnnotSeqType.xsd 15618 hivqAnnotSeqType.md5
hivqComplexTypes.xsd 15618 hivqComplexTypes.md5
hivqSimpleTypes.xsd 15618 hivqSimpleTypes.md5

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