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Mark A. Jensen, PhD
Senior Consultant and Principal
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Selected Publications

  1. 2010. US Patent #7,655,774. Ancestral and COT viral sequences, proteins, and immunogenic compositions. Inventors: Mullins; James I., Rodrigo; Allen G., Learn; Gerald H., Li; Fusheng, Nickle; David C., Jensen; Mark A.. Assignee: University of Washington.
  2. 2010. Swenson, L. C, A. Moores, A. J. Low, A. Thielen, W. Dong, C. Woods, M. A. Jensen, B. Wynhoven, D. Chan, C. Glascock, and P. R. Harrigan. Improved detection of CXCR4-using HIV by V3 genotyping: application to plasma RNA, proviral DNA, and "deep" sequencing. Journal of AIDS, in press.
  3. 2009. Kandathil, A. J., R. Kannangai, O. C. Abraham, S. A. Pulimood, M. A. Jensen, and G. Sridharan. HIV-1 with predicted CXCR4 genotype identified in clade C from India. Molecular Diagnosis and Therapy, 13:19-24.
  4. 2009. Kandathil, A. J., R. Kannangai, O. C. Abraham, S. A. Pulimood, M. A. Jensen, and G. Sridharan. A comparison of interpretation by three different HIV-1 genotypic drug resistance algorithms using sequences from non-clade B HIV-1 strains. AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses, 25:315-318
  5. 2008. van 't Wout, A. B. and M. A. Jensen. HIV-1 tropism and its detection - impact on infection, transmission and treatment. European Infectious Disease 2:60-64.
  6. 2008. Jensen, M. A. Predicting disease outcomes in the clinic. Nature Biotechnology, 26:611-612.
  7. 2007. Low, A. J., W. Dong, D. Chan, T. Sing, R. Swanstrom, M. Jensen, S. Pillai, B. Good, and P. R. Harrigan. Current V3 genotyping algorithms are inadequate for predicting X4 co-receptor usage in clinical isolates. AIDS, 21:F17-24
  8. 2007. Rolland, M., M. A. Jensen, D. C. Nickle, J. Yan, G. H. Learn, L. Heath, D. Weiner, J. I. Mullins. Reconstruction and function of Ancestral Center-Of-Tree (COT) HIV-I Proteins. Journal of Virology 81:8507-8514.
  9. 2007. Gottlieb, G. S., D. C. Nickle, M. A. Jensen, K. G. Wong, R. A. Kaslow, J. C. Shepherd, J. B. Margolick, J. I. Mullins. HIV type 1 superinfection with a dual-tropic virus and rapid progression to AIDS: a case report. Clinical Infectious Diseases 45:501-509.
  10. 2007. Nickle, D. C., M. Rolland, M. A. Jensen, S. L. Kosokovsy-Pond, W. Deng, M. Seligman, D. Heckerman, J. I. Mullins, N. Jojic. Coping with viral diversity in HIV vaccine design. PLoS Computational Biology 3:e75.
  11. 2007. Nickle, D.C., L. Heath, M. A. Jensen, P. B. Gilbert, J. I. Mullins, S. L. Kosakovsky-Pond. HIV-Specific Probabilistic Models of Protein Evolution. PLoS ONE 2:e503.
  12. 2007. Ross H.A., D. C. Nickle, Y. Liu, L. Heath, M. A. Jensen, A. G. Rodrigo, J. I. Mullins. Sources of variation in ancestral sequence reconstruction for HIV-1 envelope genes. Evolutionary Bioinformatics Online 2:53-76.
  13. 2006. Jensen, M. A., S. M. Faruque, J. J. Mekalanos, and B. R. Levin. The role of bacteriophage in the control of cholera epidemics. PNAS 103:171-192.
  14. 2006. Jensen, M. A., M. Coetzer, A. B. van 't Wout, L. Morris, and J. I. Mullins. A reliable phenotype predictor for HIV-1 subtype C based on envelope V3 sequences. Journal of Virology 80:4698-4704.
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  18. 2004. Shriner, D., R. Shankarappa, M. A. Jensen, D. C. Nickle, J. E. Mittler, J. B. Margolick, and J. I. Mullins. Influence of random genetic drift on HIV-1 env evolution during chronic infection. Genetics 166:1155-1164.
  19. 2004. Liu, Y., D. C. Nickle, D. Shriner, M. A. Jensen, G. H. Learn, Jr., J. E. Mittler, and J. I. Mullins. Molecular clock-like evolution of human immunodeficiency virus type 1. Virology 329:101-108.
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