bioperl-max AMI

bioperl-max is a public Amazon Web Services Amazon Machine Image (AMI), preloaded with the major BioPerl packages along with a number of popular open-source bioinformatics applications and developer tools. Fortinbras maintains this AMI as a completely free service to the research community.

Version 0.1.2
Image ID ami-1ad03273
OS Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy/32-bit
Base machine Alestic/Eric Hammond/clean base install (ami-1c5db975)
Signature ssh-rsa 2048 78:37:a4:2f:23:00:64:8a:79:56:d9:96:6e:36:75:3d
partial applications manifest
app/library version/revision user notes
bioperl-live (core) r16427
bioperl-db r16429
biosql r317
bioperl-run r15747
perl 5.8.8 many goodies, incl. Moose
perl6 (Rakudo) cloned master at 2009-06-23 00:44 perl6 symlink in /usr/local/bin
parrot r39729
MySQL 5.0.51a root sans passwd
Postgresql 8.3.7 d4t4h0und
Bioinformatics Apps
NCBI Blast 2.2.17
bwa 0.5.5
clustalw 1.83
emboss 5.0.0
exonerate 1.4.0
hmmer 2.3.2
hyphy 1.00 single thread build
maq 0.7.1
muscle 3.6
NeXML distro r1201 Bio::Phylo installed
phylip 3.67 component programs directly in path
phyml 3.0 built from src
primer3 1.1.1
samtools 0.1.7a in /lib
t-coffee 5.31
tigr-glimmer 2.13-1
Misc Tools
apache2 2.2.8 base install
build-essentials gcc 4.2.4 et al
emacs 22.1.1 Of course.
graphviz 2.16
libxml2 2.6.31 base install
Subversion (svn) 1.4.6
SWIG 1.3.33
user notes
helpful links
The intent of the developer is to be responsive to users. Please email with problems, bugs, or suggested enhancements.

FR icon 28 Nov 2009