FSSM Web Service

We have set up a SOAP-style web service for computed access to the FSSM coreceptor predictor. The service URLs are:
service http://fortinbras.us/cgi-bin/fssm/soap_adaptor.pl
result namespace http://www.fortinbras.us/soap/fssm/1.0
wsdl http://fortinbras.us/soap/fssm/1.0/fssm.wsdl


The service can be accessed easily from your Perl programs using our CPAN module FSSM::SOAPClient. It can be downloaded and installed using the cpan utility as follows:
  $ cpan
  cpan> install FSSM::SOAPClient
or by downloading the tarball directly and executing either
  $ perl Makefile.PL
  $ make test
  $ make install
  $ perl Build.PL
  $ ./Build test
  $ ./Build install
Like all CPAN code, this is open-source and completely free. FSSM::SOAPClient and its component modules are distributed under the terms of Perl itself: your choice of the Artistic License or the GNU General Public License.

These licenses explicitly provide NO WARRANTY of any kind.
The intent of the developer is to be responsive to users. Please email with problems, bugs, or suggested enhancements.

FR icon 20 Jan 2010